new song in bloggeriqa ? yess , its to much soul in this song . and i just fall in love with this song . facebook , twitter , instagram , wechat , whatapps , chatting ,  already done , i just get bored right now . nothing to do . hahahhaa xD btw , now is 3.30 am , and i not ever sleep yet . worst ? nevermind , not school for tomorrow .cause of haze that getting worst in port dickson . hahhaa xD  talk about friend , i just lucky to have my friends , buddyz , silent friends . they were nice to me . when i feel lonely , became sad , they were beside me to make me cheers anymore . Sometimes , they were annoying , they were caring to much of me , supportively , good listening , chatting with much ridiculous  conversation , acting like baby to me . but its okeyy . i just happy with them and i want tell you something , i thank to you very much cause make a rainbow life for me . thankyou sahabat :)

sorry for my broken english . i just want to write that what i need to right . Salam Nisfu Syaaban for all muslim in the world .

thank you : *